Ennison Gardens, Knightsbridge, London

Client: Khalid Ataullah

Architect: 88 Design who worked inpartnership with the internal staircase Team at The Elite Metal Group. 88 Design used the complimentary services of the Draughtsman at The Elite Metal Group.

Main Contractor: 88 Design

Project completion date: August 2022

Project value: £25,000

Project type: Staircase

Residential or Commercial: Residential

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Details of the Design

A bespoke single flight staircase with a striking custom-made balustrade and complimentary dark oak handrails.

Fabrication Detail:

Following extensive discussions, the design for the staircase was confirmed by the client. Our in-house London-based team fabricated the stringers and the balustrade using our top of the range laser cutter that allowed the creation of intricate detail that worked in harmony with the style and age of the property. The main structure of the staircase was created in easy to assemble parts due to restricted access at the property.

Installation Detail:

Our in-house Team of installers worked competently connecting the staircase at site. The historic building had particularly poor access and was being occupied by the residents, so this was the only viable and safe option. The staircase was carried into the building by hand and installed over a few days with minimal noise and disruption. The end result is simply beautiful and reinvigorates this family home. As the staircase experts, we can genuinely say that this project was a pleasure to work on. Quality materials, clever design and expert fabrication brought this staircase to life.

Why was the Elite Metal Group chosen for this project?

The Elite Metal Group has been designing and manufacturing staircases for over 70 years. The architect insisted on using our Team because access was extremely poor. This meant that the vast majority of the staircase would have to be installed in sections at site by an experienced and professional Team, something we are well known for in the industry.

The Finished project

The Elite Metal Group thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of working on this project. Whilst access to the property was very limited, our Team was able to quickly install the staircase and the stunning stringers and balustrades in just a few days. The design works particularly well in the historic building and will ensure that the staircase can be enjoyed by generations to come.

Ennison Gardens, Knightsbridge, London