Terms and Conditions

Contract clauses pertaining to all contracts carried out by this company. These clauses are negotiable and may be varied or deleted providing that a mutual agreement is reached and set out in writing prior to an order being placed but herein after will be considered part of the main subcontract order and form the basis of each and any agreement. These conditions will supersede and override any other clauses should some clash with ours regardless of how any such clauses may be described or set out, therefore please read carefully before placing an order.

Any main contract Terms and Conditions are to be agreed upon appointment.

1. This quotation is based on our having a clear and hard access into and over the site regardless of weather conditions to enable our rubber tyre mobile crane to traverse the site and permit offloading and erection to be carried out within and or adjacent to the steel framed defined areas. Axle loading will be given on request. Unless noted otherwise our rates allow for a 25 tonne capacity truck mounted mobile crane. Arrangements for road closures and all associated costs to be the responsibility of Main Contractor. With regards to the safe offloading of the delivery vehicles the Main Contractor is to provide either a scaffold frame for the vehicle to reverse into or suitable air bags ready inflated and provided F.O.C. all adjacent to the erection area. Access on to and around the site for our articulated delivery vehicles with 45-foot trailers must be suitable to allow vehicles to pass and re-pass without let or hindrance.

2. Price does not include for the supply and erection of scaffolding, ladders, akros, grouting bases, cutting away, making good or any other normal builders work. Unless otherwise stated we have not included in our price/rates for any temporary works. We do not drill concrete, brick, wood or any material other than steelwork unless by prior arrangement and then only on a day works basis.

3. Payment to be made by interim certificates as the works proceeds. Payments to be received within 30 days from date of invoice.

4. Our price is fixed for a period of 30 days thereafter subject to review. Our price excludes VAT which will be charged at rate due at tax point.

5. Our price is based on our being able to carry out the work in one visit, which shall be a continuous operation during normal working hours from offloading to handover. Any additional visits will be charged at our standard rate for men and equipment.

6. Whilst we can offer a pre-erection check on H.D. or Anchor Bolts we do not accept any liability for errors or inaccuracy in the setting out or for the strength, level or suitability of said fixings. Any information given in relation there is purely advisory. All HD bolts are supply only.

7. With reference to retention we would accept this on the strict understanding that practical completion means the practical completion of our work be it steel only or steel plus other items, and the practical completion becomes effective there from, not from the practical completion of the main contract. Your acceptance of this quotation implies your acceptance of this condition.

8. We have not included for any site painting, making good or touching up of paintwork after erection to steelwork or bolts.

9. Any order accepted by this company is on the strict understanding that payment is made in accordance with the terms stated in our offer. Should you default in payment we reserve the right without prejudice to withdraw our labour until payment has been received, and all goods not paid for howsoever described in your conditions will remain the property of this company until paid for in full. These terms are not negotiable except where an agreement has been reached between our respective companies and set out in writing prior to commencement of our work.

10. Should it be necessary to store completed steelwork or any part thereof offsite due to a change in your programme or delay due to weather or any unforeseen events, then in placing an order with us you accept the responsibility in full and agree to pay for the steelwork offsite and for any storage or double handling charges associated therewith. We will freely advise on those costs on request. We will indemnify you against loss, damage or pilferage whilst the steelwork is in our care.

11. Unless specifically noted otherwise in our quotation our design work will be strictly limited to providing connection details for shear or simple vertical loading. All moment connections or connections other than those mentioned above must be supplied in fully detailed form by the project engineer, and in such a manner as can readily be interpreted by our detail draughtsman. See National Structural Steelwork Specification for Building Construction – Pages 11-14 inclusive 1.3.1 (i-xv) and heading on Employers Obligation.

12. After receiving an order or letter of intent based on a BOQ or drawings any variation to the details provided at the tender stage and on which our offer has been based will constitute a variation to the contract. Two only copies of our detail drawing will be provided for approval and sent to the architect, engineer, builder or client as instructed. Thereafter any variation brought about by a change of detail as opposed to a correction, will be chargeable at our standard D.O. or design rate in addition to the normal cost of extras in fabrication, materials or erection.

13. Our company has its own Safety at Work Policy which is available for inspection at our office at any mutually convenient time. We do not issue Method statements at quotation stage, but only after we have received a formal order or letter of intent.

14. Offloading of ‘supply only’ steelwork shall be the responsibility of the Main Contractor.

15. All cleated angle fitted by others.

16. A suitable fitting/haunch allowance will only be made for if moments and axial loadings have been shown on the tender drawings.

17. Unless otherwise noted we do not include for a site survey in our price/rates.

18. A recent directive from the Health and Safety Executive requires the attendance of an “Appointed Person” to oversee and approve lifting methods on all projects where cranes are employed. Should this person not be provided by the Main Contractor then we shall provide an approved “Appointed Person” at an additional cost of invoice + 12.5 %.


20. All steelwork is CE marked and manufactured to execution class 2 as set out in the National Structural Steelworks Specification 5th Edition CE marking