White City, London

Client: Careys

Landscape Architect:
Applied Landscape Design

Main Contractor: Careys

Project completion date: July 2022

Project type: Planters

Projects  >  White City, London

Details of the Design

Fully welded bespoke steel planters

Who is the user?

Residents living in a stunning new apartment block in White City on the outskirts of London. The Design Team wanted to ensure residents have access to a calming outdoor space.

Constraints / challenges?

This was an exciting and fast-paced project to work on from the very start. The Elite Metal Group was approached to supply bespoke steel planters after Careys were let down by their old supplier who was unable to manufacture the planters on time or on budget. We were pleased to rise to the challenge and created beautiful, fully welded planters well within the agreed time frame and for the agreed amount.

Fabrication Detail:

The top-return 3mm steel planters were created in an array of shapes and different sizes to sit perfectly within the original design created by Applied Landscape Design. The planters fitted into the vision of the garden with a striking finish, courtesy of 3 layers of powder coating.

Installation Detail:

Great care was taken at our factory on the outskirts of London to add detailed labels to each of the planters. This facilitated a quick and simple installation by the on-site team who simply followed details of how to construct the planters at site. We know that there’s nothing more worrying, or ore annoying than a rocking planter which is why each of the planters we supplied was fitted with adjustable feet. As a result of this, levelling at site was simple and quick ensuring our planters were really sturdy.

Why was the Elite Metal Group chosen for this project?

We had the pleasure of working with the Careys Team when they worked on another project at Wimbledon All England Lawn Tennis Club with us and we subsequently formed a strong working relationship. areys knew that our Project Management Team were competent enough to deliver the project with ease. The fact that our London factory had the ability to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to turn the project around in record time was of huge importance in winning this contract

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