Helical Staircases

A helical staircase design curves around in a spiral shape. The word helical comes from the Greek word helix, which means spiral. A helical stair flows around the room with an open centre giving a floating appearance allowing light to flow down the centre.

These are a particular speciality of Elite Metalcraft where we have been perfecting helical spiral staircase for decades.

The steel helical staircase is a unique and challenging staircase design. It is often used in commercial and public buildings, as it offers a space-saving solution while still providing a safe and functional stairway. Helical staircases can be both aesthetically pleasing and practical, making them a popular choice for many architects and building designers

A helical staircase construction differs from a commercial spiral staircase in the sense that the central column and handrails are present on both sides. They are also not limited to a circular staircase and may be built in an elliptical or oval shapes, carrying more prominence within their setting. Without a centre post for support and the use of higher quality material, greater expertise is required for helical stairs when compared to spiral stairs. With the Engineering Team at Elite and our experience in designing stairs we can create double width helix staircases that allow two people to pass at the same time.

Helical staircases offer many benefits over traditional straight staircases. They take up less space and can also be more aesthetically pleasing than straight stairs, and can add a touch of sophistication with just a small investment.

Intricate technical knowledge, alongside a vast sum of experience with the core materials; steel, wood, glass and stone, allows us to realise everything is possible when it comes to bespoke staircase construction. Our custom designs are made to measure and can be adjusted to your ideas in almost every possible way.

Another challenge is making sure that the staircase meets all building codes and regulations. This can be particularly tricky with a steel helical staircase, as they often have unusual features that don’t fit neatly into traditional categories. However, despite the challenges, helical staircases can be stunning architectural features. When designed and built correctly, they can add a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.

Elite Metalcraft

We take pride in our heritage as one of the leading manufacturers of metal staircases in the UK. We have been serving a wide range of clients – both domestic and commercial since 1951, with custom-designed, handcrafted staircases that are all made right here in London. Elite Metalcraft has completed some of the country’s most prestigious construction projects, with stunning architectural design incorporated into our work

Our Team is trained and experienced in all aspects of stair building, from concept design, manufacturing, and installation, so you can be certain that you’ll get the greatest level of service. If you’ve visited The Dorchester Hotel in the capital, or any other renowned buildings throughout London, you’ve probably already seen our work.

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