Environmental Policy

  • Elite Metal Group view our environmental responsibilities as a key part of ensuring we run an effective business in compliance of all current environmental legislation. We are aware that environmental issues are becoming ever more important and necessary to maintain. To this end we strive to operate in the most environmentally friendly way practical. To do this we will make the following provisions:
  • Provide adequate control of waste and environmental impact arising from our work activities.
  • Consult with our employees on matters affecting the environmental issues of the organisation.
  • Provide and maintain effective and efficient plant and equipment.
  • Ensure correct and safe storage, handling use and disposal of substances.
  • Provide information, instruction and supervision for employees.
  • Prevent accidental release of substances into the environment.
  • Maintain environmentally friendly working conditions.
  • Review and revise this policy as necessary and at regular intervals.
  • To work toward continual improvement in environmental issues
  • To ensure pollution prevention as far as reasonably practicable

Employees and sub-contractors who work with us have a duty to co-operate in the operation of this policy by fulfilling the responsibilities placed upon them.

As stated, the operations of Elite Metal Group and this policy will be reviewed at regular intervals or in light of changing company circumstances, procedures and statutes. Any amendment to the policy or procedures will be brought to the attentions of employees and others affected by such changes.


Overall and final responsibility for the environmental issues is that of the Managing Director.

Day to day responsibility for ensuring this policy is put into practice is delegated to all managers and workers of Elite Metal Group including the Safety Co-ordinator.

To ensure environmental standards are maintained or improved, the following people have specific responsibility in the following area:

The Managing Director has the responsibility to ensure that all plant and equipment bought by Elite Metal Group conforms to environmental requirements. This includes ensuring that the environmental requirements of our clients or host organisations are known to all Elite Metal Group operatives and that these are adhered to. These duties may also be delegated to the Safety Co-ordinator.

Office Managers must ensure the provision of adequate facilities to enable all staff to undertake their work with the minimum impact on the environment.

Supervisors are responsible for arranging for the proper storage, use and disposal of materials and equipment. They also have the responsibility of supervising workers on site, and in any workshops.

Drivers must complete daily checks of vehicles, and ensure the prompt reporting of any environmental issues such as leaks, excessive use of fuel or poor exhaust emissions.

Workers are to ensure areas are well organised, and report any environmental issues to their Supervisor and Safety Co-ordinator.

In addition, all employees must:

  • Co-operate with Supervisors and Managers on environmental safety
  • Not interfere with anything provided in the interests of safeguarding the
  • Take reasonable care of the
  • Report any environmental concerns to an appropriate person (as detailed in this policy statement).